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5 Romantic Dining Places in Singapore

1) Alkaff Mansion - 10 Telok Blangah Green
Alkaff Mansion is pre-war luxurious bungalow with rich history behind it. Located on a hill, it overlooks a beautiful park and enjoy a spectacular view of Singapore Habour and sea.
It is a 2 storey Mansion Restaurant with nightly live music, good food and great service.

The Mansion was owned by the wealthy Alkaff family whose ancestors arrived in Singapore from Indonesia in 1852. It was used as a retreat house for the Alkaff family and a place to entertain their guests with songs, dance and food.

The Mansion was later abandoned after World War II. It later caught the attention of the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board in 1986 and was restored its past glory. The Mansion was later converted into a restaurant and yet retaining the old world charm of the Alkaffs.

2) Jewel Box
Jewel Box is bar cum restaurant over 90m above sea level, located at Mt. Faber, it is a popular place frequently by courting couples.
You can enjoy the privacy and tranquility of nature surrounded by flora and Fauna as you overlook the beautiful city and harbour scenary. Jewel Box is just a few minutes cable car ride away from the popular Singapore resort island Sentosa.

3) Sky Dining on Cable car.
This is yet another unusual way couples spend their evening. On board of a cable car where candle light dinner is prepared for you, dine at 70m above sea-level, have total privacy inside a cable car as you dine and admire the beautiful harbour and city view of Singapore.

CHIJMES is a formal girl's convent with a spacious and stylish courtyard. Located right in the heart of Singapore busy city, this place is a popular wine and dine area with more than 20 restaurants, pubs and clubs with live band performances.
Sit at its breezy courtyard under the starry night sipping glass of wine after a sumptuous meal is a wonderful romantic experience.

5) One Fullerton
Dinner by the bay enjoy the night breeze and watching the busy bumboats ferrying people around.
Here you can find a few restaurants with perfect ambience to blend with the bay. The Esplanade, Theatre by the Bay is just across the sea, you may even hear the faint music coming from the outdoor stage from the Esplanade.
Choose a restaurant that is slightly further from the Merlion (landmark of Singapore) will help to provide you a quiet dinner away from the tourists.

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