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mangojuicegirl's Journal

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Goddess of Mangos
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This Community is about Marianne.
But is maintained by me Hamlettwisty.
No I'm not obsessed with Marianne I'm just obsessed with the Mango Juice girl
As well as the cult that worships her. All hail Mango Juice girl. Plus she Likes Foreign food alot. She goes to the New School of Northern Virginia.
This is her Bio from ttgoddess
Hmmm....what to say....I like Food,especially foriegn food...gotta love that stuff...and wrestling..oh yeah,love that...Jeff Hardy is a friggin' loser...And music(Mudhoney, hole, silverchair, pearl jam, nirvana, alice n chains, metallica, etc.) I write stuff..peoms and songs. They're happy! I watch a shitload of tv, oh well. And Benecio Del Toro rules...so does Edward Nortan..so yeah...if anyone says that Ed Nortan is not hot in anyway, I'll have to shoot them in the face

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